Our Story

We are the 4th generation of women running and operating this historic hotel on Lake Garda, founded by our great- grandmother with love and dedication. Her entrepreneurial spirit and warm welcome made the hotel a reference point for travelers seeking a peaceful retreat on the shores of Lake Garda.

The history of Ancora Suites


Our story begins in the 1800s, unraveling the roots of our family’s hospitality legacy in Bardolino. It commenced when our great-grandparents inaugurated the region’s first lodge, Albergo All’Ancora, a historic hotel strategically positioned near the port in the heart of Bardolino on Lake Garda.

Early 1900s

Later, at the start of the 20th century, our family decides to open another hotel. This hotel, initially called Albergo Bardolino was then later transformed into Caffè Bardolino, which is still open for business today. 

Returning to our family roots, our great-grandmother decides to revive Albergo All’Ancora in 1930 in the very building our suites are in today. 

Old picture of Ancora Suites

1930s and beyond

Since then, Ancora Suites has always remained a flagship in Bardolino’s hotel scene. Family tradition has guided us with passion and commitment in its management, allowing us to preserve and enhance its unique history.

Ancora Suites has witnessed numerous historical events that have shaped Bardolino and the surrounding region. Its presence is even mentioned in the works of important Italian writers. One of them is Ippolito Nievo, who fondly recalls the hotel and its unique atmosphere in his book “Memories of an Italian.”

Located right on the beautiful shores of Lake Garda and in the central square of Bardolino, Ancora Suites enchants visitors with its spectacular panoramic views and the enchanting atmosphere that only this place can offer. Every corner tells a story, with vintage details blending harmoniously with modern hospitality.

Summer 2023

In the summer of 2023, my sister and I carried on the family tradition by renovating this historic hotel, offering our guests an even more extraordinary experience.

We dedicated time, effort, and love to preserve the historic essence of Ancora Suites, enriching it with new elements and modern comforts. During the renovation, we worked with talented local designers and artisans to ensure that every detail reflected the elegance and authenticity of this place.

Ancora Suites building
Ancora Suites balcony and view

Each room has been curated with passion, offering a cozy and refined space for our guests’ rest, and a private balcony to enjoy the spectacular view of Lake Garda from the main square of the town. We have preserved the charm of this historic building, respecting its original architecture and distinctive elements that make it a unique place.

Let yourself be lulled by the serene waters of Lake Garda and feel at home in the the history and hospitality of Ancora Suites. Here, family tradition and high-quality hospitality will bring you right into vacation mode. We would be honored to welcome you and make your stay a truly unforgettable experience, sharing with you the result of our commitment and passion.

Welcome to Ancora Suites, where history and hospitality come together to create unforgettable moments.

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